Transparent mask for speech therapy!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

This transparent mask is a game changer for providing speech therapy while I conduct my speech therapy sessions outdoors either at a park that has a covered pavilion or at your home if you have a covered outdoor space (like a deck or carport). My daughter took these photos to demonstrate what a transparent mask looks like (my adorable granddaughter and son-in-law are the models in the photo). For my sessions however, not only will we be learning outdoors, but I will also be using a portable plexiglass screen, keeping an appropriate physical distance and of course hand sanitizing regularly throughout the session. We will also be using some movement activities while working as this boosts motivation, cognition and it is fun!

Not only do transparent masks allow children and their parents to see my lip movements and postures for the purpose of speech therapy (and this particular design allows me to move my mouth without it touching the clear shield), but they provide a way for people to read facial expressions, emotions, and non-verbal cues which are all an integral part of communicating. This is important for everybody! I think after these rough few months of dealing with COVID-19 we can ALL benefit from seeing a smile behind the mask; it is truly the most powerful facial expression.

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.”

—H. Jackson Brown Jr.

One more thing, last but not least: Here’s a shout -out of appreciation and gratitude to all the front-line workers that help keep us safe and to our fabulous Dr. Bonnie Henry who has been a brilliant light to guide us in BC with her compassion, kindness, intellect and integrity. THANK YOU.


Valerie Cundiff, M.S. SLP (R)

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